About me

Hello, I am Sherry Fair… my Mother named me Fair so I could drop my last name (Hoff) when I become famous. Interesting woman, let me tell you. Well, I went ahead and dropped it with great foresight as to what the future holds for us. Thank you, Divine Mother!

I am dedicated to the understanding and witnessed unfolding of my personal healing and I think that is the most important aspect as a yoga practitioner, that we continually seek truth and our innate wisdom. My gift is seeing each of my students at their very best; I see my students as divine beings of light. This light, or fire, is within each of us. It is the essence of humanity to look into another’s eyes and truly see them in ways they have not been able to see themselves.


I strive to be a “true mirror” of beautiful reflection for each individual who comes to me. I have not, yet, encountered a person, sick or healthy, that I have not found deep solace and revered healing in their stories of trying and tribulation, and of truth and triumph. I wish for all beings to accept themselves for who they are and know, this is, above all else, a deep loving awareness of what is. We are Love.


All that said, I have spent the last several years studying yoga & Ayurveda and the studies pervade me. I feel rich with knowledge of the ancient Vedic scriptures telling of healing through our alignment with nature. I have spent much time in nature, myself, creating a life of peace and integrity through service of this gift to others. I believe when we discover truth, it is our duty to share it with others.



While the first nine years of my career in health and wellness were primarily devoted to a western style and approach to yoga and the physical body (hatha yoga, asana, weight training), the latter half of my studies have begun to indulge the mind-body connection coupled with the organic spiritual practices that come alongside this connection in a beautiful way (pranayama, mantra, tantra, and raja yogas & Ayurveda).

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and while it has been lost on some of the western studies of yoga, truly, one cannot be studied or practiced without the other. If one is attempting a practice of one without the other, they will come up against much resistance without the tools to overcome. This ends up looking like a struggle and a hot and cold relationship with the practice(s).


Ultimately, I want to see my students having healthier relationships with family, friends, their bodies, with money, with material possessions and with Divine Mother. I want my clients to know that all of life is relationship and when we can better understand our bodies in nature, connecting with the elements we are all made up of, we will start to feel life as it is meant to be felt and that is an easy, steady flow of energy with a potential for enlightenment or self-realization. We can transcend and even transmute our karmic patterns and genetic limitations and free ourselves to live in congruence with the laws of nature, the way our supreme creator intended us to live.


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My vision is truly a kingdom of Heaven on Earth where all people live freely and acknowledge the true essence of oneness among all sentient beings