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How can we help you create a life that is fulfilling of all you wish to create? That is our mission at its Core, Creation.


Find clarity. bring back balance.

Yoga And Wellness Studio Albuquerque, New Mexico

You are on the right path simply reading this. Now make the call and decide your worth. Join us, the change agents of our time, and truly heal and share that healing with all other beings with whom you come in contact.

About me

Hello, I am Sherry Fair… my Mother named me Fair so I could drop my last name (Hoff) when I become famous. Interesting woman, let me tell you. Well, I went ahead and dropped it with great foresight as to what the future holds for us. Thank you, Divine Mother!

I am dedicated to the understanding and witnessed unfolding of my personal healing and I think that is the most important aspect as a yoga practitioner, that we continually seek truth and our innate wisdom. My gift is seeing each of my students at their very best; I see my students as divine beings of light.


Overcome your obstacles

Let us look at who you are and who you are designed to be. This consultation will look at your lifestyle, your biology and psychology and the nature of who you are and marry you into a rhythmic flow where all of these can sing to your state of well-being.

Yoga was awesome today! I took the 9:30 Hot Vinyasa and feel great! A TOTAL body workout! Can't wait to incorporate more yoga into my workout routine!


I took the Hot Vinyasa with Sherry and got a great workout, a great stretch on my overworked joints and muscles and left feeling centered and refreshed! I bough a package and can't wait to go back!

- Jennifer Calland

Cherry makes each yoga class something to look forward too! I love the pace of lunchtime yoga, and the great stretching poses.

- Sarah Jane


Make your breakthrough

I want to see my students having healthier relationships with family, friends, their bodies, with money, with material possessions and with Divine Mother.


Start your journey

My vision is truly a kingdom of Heaven on Earth where all people live freely and acknowledge the true essence of oneness among all sentient beings